Criminal Defence

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers are responsible for defending our clients to our fullest extent. If you have been charged with committing a criminal act, you need the best legal representation, you need us.

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Criminal Defence

Criminal Charges

If you ask your friend or family for advice by saying "I did this and that, what do you think I should do?", you are in a world of trouble. Your friend maybe called as a witness and compelled to testify against you, about what you said to them. What you have said is not sacred, and it's not protected under any confidentiality rules.

The Brisbane lawyer to client confidentiality rules mean that if you approach a criminal lawyer about your case, the criminal lawyer can advise you, but can't tell anyone about what you told him.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Central KY's criminal lawyers will handle their client's cases through all the stages of a criminal prosecution, including preliminary hearings, pre-trial conferences, plea bargains, during trials before a jury or judge, DUI testing and in appeals. Sometimes, as little as a patent problem may turns into criminal activities. To avoid having this problem, please find patent attorneys to protect your assets.

Overall, our criminal lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of people accused of committing crimes through services ranging from preparing cases, providing legal advice and investigating and accessing specialist witnesses and consultants.


All people, guilty or innocent have the absolute right to the assistance of a defence lawyer in a court case.

Generally speaking, the sooner a criminal defence lawyer is assigned to a criminal case, the better the potential results are for the client.

Criminal lawyers Central Coast represent those who have been charged with a crime under the Australian criminal law act. These are generally defined as a crime against the society and the public, ranging from murder or manslaughter to larceny or theft.

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