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What to do when caught for Drug Possession?

It is a criminal offence to import narcotic or hallucinogenic drugs with the intent of supplying or trafficking drugs. In fact, if you’re caught red-handed with possessing drugs with the intent of using it personally or peddling the same to others, you’re are liable to be slapped with drug possession charges.

Types of Drug Possession Charges

There are many types of drug possesion charges. You might be apprehended for possessing or storing drugs for your own use. It does not matter whether the drugs are found in your pant pockets, in your private locker or in your car.

If it is circumstantially established by the police that you’ve been carrying drugs either on yourself or storing them in a place with the abject intention of using them personally, then they can frame charges against you.

And if you’re below 17, the police will inform your parents or guardians about the same and apprise the Social or Probation Service as well. As for penalties, you’ll be formally warned or cautioned if you’re a first time offender.

If you’re a repeat offender, you might have to report to a juvenile court. If you’re found guilty, you’ll have to pay a fine in units and sentenced to imprisonment.


And if you’re arrested for drug peddling or trafficking, things can take a turn for the worse. You’ll be inevitably be convicted and have to fine as well. The severity of the sentence or conviction will depend on the degree of your offence.

The drug possession charges individuals face have been segregated into three classes-Class ‘A’, Class ‘B’ and Class ‘C’. For possessing and distributing LSD, cocaine, methadone, and all other drugs classified under Class ‘A’, or any drug under Class ‘B’ that is made ready for injecting, you’re liable to be convicted with life imprisonment (maximum sentence) along with a fine.


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